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Cutting Edge Fitness and Sports focuses on Performance Coaching, driven to help athletes work through issues on and off the playing surface.  Justin Oliver, a Certified Life Coach has a unique ability to relate with athletes of all types to create a relationship that allows them to succeed. The goal is to create a comfortable atmosphere, to be able to come forward and face what is holding them back or preventing them from succeeding. Through this strategic program, we work through issues and face them head on to create a breakthrough.


With a background in baseball, Justin uses video analysis to meet with athletes through Zoom conference calls to breakdown mechanics. While doing this, it allows the athlete time to verbally express what they were thinking at the time of their at bat.  From there, Justin will create action steps for the athlete, both sport and life related, in order to help them reach their personal best.  

Justin Oliver

2811 E. Calgary Ave.

Bismarck ND, 58503

Tel: 408-515-5314

Email: cefitnessandsports@gmail.com

Website: www.cuttingedgefitnessandsports.com


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There is little doubt that Justin’s knowledge of baseball, and specifically hitting is above most.  His ability to transfer that knowledge to the players he works with makes him a great teacher of baseball skills.  What makes Justin different and more than a teacher of baseball skills is his ability to develop relationships with the players he works with.  Justin has worked with our son on both levels, baseball instructor and life coach.  We appreciate that his first concern is about our son, not about his hitting.  That sincerity and empathy  for the athletes he works with makes Justin truly distinguished and unique.  You will find that Justin is the equivalent to a five tool baseball player in working on skills both on and off the field with your athlete.





I had the opportunity to work with Justin in 2013, when I came to the Bay Area to workout our new accusation, Kevin Youkilis.  We spent a couple days working together, discussing hitting, strategies and sharing stories.  What really stood out to me, was his passion and love for helping others better themselves in the game of baseball.  His knowledge for hitting stood out to me, but what I liked most was his ability to communicate what he has teaching.  Over the years, Justin and I have stayed in contact, developing a friendship where we can discuss the game, hitting drills, philosophies and more. There is no doubt, that I would trust and feel confident with Justin teaching and helping athletes better themselves and their skills in life and in baseball.



We first met Justin for 6 years ago when he was our sons travel ball coach. Justin was one of three coaches and his knowledge of the game, his ability to relate, and teach younger players stood out. Justin was able to teach our son a higher level of play and our son improve his entire game. Justin has help our son on and off the field, even when our son stopped playing travel ball. Justin is one of the few coaches that we have kept in contact with.  He truly cares.  His character and his coaching is what makes him a phenomenal.




I was fortunate to meet Justin through a mutual friend 4 years ago when I moved to the South Bay. Justin was vital in my offseason preparation by doing all the little things to make sure I was prepared for the season. We had many great talks about the game we both love and his willingness to evolve with the times is his biggest attribute. Sports are always evolving and you need to have an open mind. Justin's drive and passion for both teaching and learning the game is what separates himself from many others in youth sports. He will always look out for the health and well being of all his athletes and will strive to not only make them better but to have fun as well.  I am excited to send my little guys to Justin when they are old enough to take lessons. 




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